Today I was asked is Naked and Bolthouse Juice Healthy for you

Naked Juice:

I have recently had some clients come up and ask me is Naked Juice healthy for you.

I have taken sometime to research this product.

As I was drinking A Naked Pomegranate Aca one day I started checking out the food label and was impressed with how many fruits they used in this  drink such as:

1 2/3 Pomegranates

95 Açaí Berries

1 1/3 Apples

1/2 Banana

14 Red Grapes

14 White Grapes

As I started looking at the nutrition in the drink I was under the impression that the juice was filled with Vitamins and Minerals:


-Serving size= 8oz

-Servings per container= 2

One 15.2 oz. bottle contains:

-4 Servings of fruit

-320 calories

-62g sugar (AKA 5 tablespoons of sugar)

-0% Vitamin C

-2% Vitamin A

-0% Fiber

I was fooled by the pictures on the label, color of the juice, and even the flavor!  This bottle was nothing more than a pretty package with what might as well be kool-aid mixed with 5 table spoons of sugar and water.

This nutrition label disappointed me enough to analyze each Naked Juice product.

What I found was that all of their drinks do not have any dietary fiber, some had very poor levels of vitamins and minerals, and others had a much better amount of nutrients.

For Pomegranate Acai and all the flavors you will shortly see under the “Do Not Buy list”, the vitamins were eliminated during pasteurization, (the juice is heated to destroy harmful bacteria, vitamins are destroyed at high heat, and Naked never bothered to put synthetic vitamins back into the drink afterwards).

The good news is that some of their products are not impostors and do provide you with a nutritious beverage. They all cost the same so you can make a better choice of selection from the varieties they offer after reading this.

The bad news is that all of the beverages had 0% Fiber. That means you will not have the benefit of feeling full longer like you would with the actual fruit in the raw, or have any of the benefit of the soluble fiber.

The following is a very condensed version of the Good versus the Bad:


The following are very poor in Vitamin A and C and other nutrients:


BUY these:

The following juices have been fortified with Vitamins and added Boosters:

  • Do not treat them as meal replacers.
  •  Eat raw fruit and veggies instead to benefit from all the vitamins and fiber needed.
  • These should be treated as last choice for people who absolutely can’t eat raw fruits or veggies.

Bolthouse Juice:

Drink a smoothie to replace one normal meal each day. According to the Bolthouse Farms website,each smoothie bottles holds about 16oz. and contains 240 to 340 calories. If you normally eat about 700 calories per meal, that means you’ll lose weight at a rate of about 3 lb. per month with no other measures.
 Green is Good
Green Goodness is a vegetable/juice that has all kinds of interesting, healthy ingredients. Bolthouse Farms Green Goodness is a blend of wheat grass, de-odorized garlic (curious as to how they do this), spirulina, spinach and blue-green algae. I told you it wasn’t going to sound very appetizing. But hang with me here. Bolthouse then adds in some pretty tasty fruit including apple, pineapple, mango puree, banana puree and kiwi juice. There’s also a bunch of exotic sounding ingredients like jerusalem artichoke, Nova Scotia dulce, dragon fruit juice, open-cell chlorella and even echinacea purpurea extract.

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